Work integration for refugees

The way to an independent life

It is virtually impossible for asylum seekers and provisionally accepted refugees to find work, because for the employers, the administrative hurdles are high.

This did not deter Proderma;  Mortaza Heidari, a 21-year-old asylum-seeker from Afghanistan, has been working for us since autumn 2017. "The lack of prospects in Afghanistan and the fact that I am part of an ethnic minority led me to flee three years ago," explains Mortaza in good high German, which – after a first basic course – he has taught himself on line. You notice that he does not like to talk about his three-month odyssey. Mortaza is happy to be in Schötz now. He lives together with five other asylum seekers in a shared flat.

Incidentally, he came to work at Proderma on his own initiative: The head of social affairs from Schötz gave him the tip and so he inquired personally for a job interview with Proderma. Thanks to his positive outlook, he convinced those in charge. “I completed a trial shift and then a one-month internship and was subsequently hired. I like the work in production very much and also my colleagues are nice. At first it was a bit difficult, especially the morning shift at 5 o'clock," he says with a smile. Mortaza’s line manager is very satisfied with him. To integrate even better, he plays volleyball twice a week. Above all, he values safety in Switzerland. "The laws are good and they are respected," he says.

His dream is to one day be reunited with his parents, his three brothers and his sister.