One step further in automation

A collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland

Digitisation and the developments which are referred to as "Industry 4.0" are changing working conditions for contract packers today and in the future.

Proderma wants to take advantage of the opportunities offered by these developments. In the field of robotics in particular, the industry has been able to count major achievements in recent years. We want to keep an eye on the state of technical breakthroughs and their potential applications in the field of contract packaging. That's why we started a project to test the use of cooperative robots. The goal is to test their use in selected production processes and define what preconditions are required. Different scenarios are analysed to evaluate their feasibility and effective benefits. Proderma regularly works together with specialists from industry and research on innovation projects. For the automation area, the project was started together with the Robotics Department of the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland. The university supports companies and institutions in their innovation projects through some 250 research and development projects each year.