Delivery in record time

The proof of our flexibility

Mr. K., Managing Director of a food production company with 300 employees is facing a major issue.

He usually fills his own products in preformed bags. This day, his bag supplier informs him that, due to a production disruption, he can only deliver the film but no preformed bags. Alas, Mr. K. can’t do anything with the film alone. But neither can he just leave his biggest customer without goods!

Mr. K. contacts Proderma, explaining his situation and asking if Proderma can make the bags and fill them at the same time. Everything would need to be done within a week so that he could deliver his customer on time.

What to do?

The project manager, the production planner and the production manager check the internal situation within three hours of the call. They re-arrange other orders - of course without negative consequences for those clients – put together a team and are able to give Mr. K. a positive answer. For his part, Mr. K. delivers the film and goods that same day. Two days later, all the necessary elements are at the plant, the machine is set up, production can start. Three days later, the production is finished, the customer picks up the filled bags and delivers them to his customer on the same day.

Now Mr. K. is really relieved and very enthusiastic about Proderma!

We are happy to prove to you too that we demonstrate flexibility on a daily basis.