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Pharmaceutical industry

Products can be filled in protective atmosphere

Pills, tablets, individual pieces, powders, gels and semi-solid and liquid dosage forms; we are as familiar with the exact dispensing of tablets as we are with filling ointments or liquids.

They can be filled into all bag and box shapes under normal or protective atmosphere conditions, as long as sterile processes are not required.

Temperature and humidity levels are adjustable. In our laboratory, we evaluate the appropriate film and size, carry out the required ageing tests and, of course, also take care of the corresponding documentation.

Proderma regularly packs disinfectant wipes, gels for aching muscles, analgesics, ointments for wounds and capsules in a variety of containers. We pack human and veterinary medicine products.

Especially stick packs are modern. Different techniques allow easy opening.

Do you need pure bottling or further packaging in folding boxes or on promotional cards for campaigns? You decide which components you provide and what Proderma organises for you. By the way, we are flexible in terms of volume.

The right certifications for every business sector

Proderma is ISO certified - ISO 9001 (2015) and ISO 13485 (2016). We have Swissmedic approval for the development, production, filling, packing and distribution of pharmaceuticals and medical products.

Thanks to our room and hygiene concept and GMP approval, you and your medical products are in safe hands with us. The approved filling activity applies to primary and secondary packaging such as flexible small packaging and plastic containers. For further types of packaging, preliminary clarification is necessary.


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Packaging for pharmaceutical products

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