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Cosmetics industry

For samples or sales products

Creams or masks can be filled in single, double or triple bags under normal conditions or in a protective atmosphere. If a contoured bag suits your brand better than a rectangular bag, we are happy to die cut the bag in the desired shape.

Are your bags inserted in magazines? Please tell us in advance as we are very familiar with the specific requirements of the publishing houses.

Face creams, hand creams, masks (with or without fabric), deodorant wipes and wet wipes are part of our product range. For sampling campaigns, we regularly combine for example day and night creams, shampoo and conditioner or shower gels with two different scents; your consumers can test two of your products at the same time.

With new product launches in particular, sachets or sticks are glued into folding cards or leporellos attached to larger bags. We have several systems for further processing in-house and can respond to individual promotional requests. Of course, as a full-service partner, we also coordinate the procurement of promotional material.

The higher the volume, the lower the prices. We offer you various quantities, you compare and decide.

The right certifications for every business sector

Proderma is ISO certified - ISO 9001 (2015) and ISO / TS 22716 (2008) – and meets Swiss organic regulations. Organic products that are packed by Proderma may be sold as organic products. If required, we also arrange for individual production lines to be certified for specific requirements (e.g. Halal).

Many cosmetic companies trust Proderma

Individually wrapped cosmetics – whether samples or for sales - are very much on trend. Our production tool is ideal for this. If we do not yet have the equipment for your request, we are willing to take a look at your project and let you know if it is possible.

As a competent full-service partner, we look after those details that make all the difference. We ensure that the various components such as films, printing, bulk and equipment can work in harmony.

We are keeping a close eye on the ever-increasing demand for hygiene and declaration requirements and are delighted to share our know-how with you.


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Packaging for cosmetics

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