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Chemical and technical industry

The specification of your product is key

The careful choice of film is even more crucial with chemical-technical products. In our quality department, we make samples by hand and subject them to accelerated ageing, so you can be sure that the packaging still holds tight after expiry date.

If needed we work with an external consultant for dangerous goods. Thus, we are well prepared and equipped to fill even the most delicate products. Contact us for a non-binding meeting.

Is there a minimal volume? No. But, there are fixed costs that can be spread better with larger volumes.

A separate production plant

Proderma is ISO 9001 (2015) certified.

Our room and hygiene concept prescribes production in specific buildings. There, we make and fill single-portion chemical-technical products such as buffer and cleaning solutions, cleansing wipes, fertilizers, pesticides and other garden care products, tablets, lubricating pastes and test solutions, etc.

Benefit from projects already completed

The requirements of your product may be different than anything we've done so far. Thanks to many years of experience, we quickly find the right solution for you. Just ask us, we will take care of your project.


We are happy to send you a non-binding offer.

Packaging for chemical and technical products

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