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Refreshing towelettes as an advertising platform

We grew with refreshing towelettes for airlines and are today one of the leading manufacturers of individually wrapped wipes and towels.

From a welcome give-away for passengers, they have become advertising space for communication campaigns. There are few contact platforms dedicated to decision-makers with less wastage and longer contact time than air travel. So your seat on board is guaranteed!

You can choose the various components of your wipes at your convenience: design, film quality, fabric and fragrance, we have the best collection in-house. Individually wrapped wipes and towelettes such as disinfectant wipes, refreshing, deodorant or intimate hygiene towelettes can be personalised with your own design.

No need for an individual solution? Within a very short time we deliver our standard wipes and towelettes (refreshing, lemon scented, disinfectant, lens cleaners, computer or general use) for your trade fair, company event or staff outing.

Our minimum order? If you choose the standard version, you are very flexible. For customised solutions we recommend a production of at least 10,000-15,000 pieces - depending on the bag dimension. Of course, smaller runs are also possible but they make less economic sense for you. There is no upper limit; even millions of pieces are produced quickly at Proderma.

The right certifications for every business sector

Proderma is ISO certified - ISO 9001 (2015) - ISO 22716 (2008) and other certifications depending on industry needs.

Our quality standards for towelettes and wipes are high. That is why our formulas are tested in the laboratory so that we only use gentle formulations.


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Towelettes for every purpose

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