Packaging industry sustainable packaging for a better CO2 footprint


Our responsibility

Although we are aware that our contribution to environmental sustainability - as an SME - does not play a significant role on a national scale, we feel responsible towards the local community.

Sustainability is important to us

The above graphic shows that plastic packaging produces far fewer CO2 emissions than other materials such as glass or cans (base: production of packaging for 1,000 litres of food). This is our first contribution to sustainability.

With each purchase, investment or change of process, we check the impact it has on the environment. If the cleanest solution results in a comparable performance, we opt for it.

Our electricity is 100% hydropower. We separate paper, plastic, household waste, wood, batteries and PET for a coherent recovery process.

We take our social responsibility seriously

Diversity is a top priority for us: 61% of the workforce are women, 23% have worked for Proderma for more than 10 years, while 17 nationalities and all age groups are represented among our staff. We favour a culture of benevolence, mutual esteem and open communication. We promote internal development, continuous education and train four apprentices every year.

We are committed to economic responsibility

As a family-owned company, it is important to us to make decisions based on a long-term perspective. We began in Schötz in 1998 with six people, since then we have created 180 jobs at our site and are constantly growing for the benefit of our employees and of you - our customers!

In 2018 Proderma obtained a "Silver" recognition level from EcoVadis for its corporate social responsibility, which places it among the top 30% of highest-rated companies.