customised packaging safety first


Safety first

Proderma is aware of its responsibility towards its partners - customers, end users, employees, suppliers, authorities, society and the environment - and is committed to abide by the quality policy described below.

How Proderma understands quality

Quality is understood as the respect of legal requirements and of expectations of our customers while observing ethical principles throughout the process.

Quality impacts our performance and the safety of end consumers, employees and others with direct product contact. It also includes your security as a customer and the safety of your brand throughout the project. For Proderma, quality also implies a responsible use of and attitude towards resources and the environment.

Customer satisfaction as the ultimate goal

For optimal customer satisfaction, our quality is not only defined but also constantly optimised. Proderma differentiates itself by carefully tracking measurable goals; be it the time between customer inquiry and offer, production efficiency, rejects and waste minimisation or on-time delivery and employee satisfaction. Control systems, processes and standards are clearly defined, employees trained and coached.

Potential risks are analyzed and processed upstream. Through ongoing questioning, processes and systems are constantly optimized to provide the best service and products.

In addition, continuous investments in infrastructure and production tools allow Proderma to maintain its high level of quality and to optimise it in a targeted manner.

A shared responsibility

Quality control is understood as the joint responsibility of all employees. All pull together, because the goal is the same for everyone: to satisfy our customers. Proderma actively involves its partners, such as consultants or suppliers, successfully passing numerous government and customer audits each year.

Quality ensures competitiveness and therefore the future of Proderma. The fact that our customers consider us a partner and their loyalty are the result of our quality policy.