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Development of projects

You are most welcome at any time

Whether you are a start-up with your first project, a multinational requiring annual production, a factory whose own production tool has reached saturation level or are planning a limited edition or a marketing campaign, we are here for you.

We are guided by your needs; we are happy to support you as a full service provider

It all starts with your idea, we help you realise it. We check its feasibility and together we formulate, manufacture and mix it, find the right packaging, carry out tests to ensure compatibility between film and bulk or bulk and production line and organise folding boxes, promotional cards or displays according to your design. We work with a selected network of experienced partners when needed.

Once all the product’s parameters are defined, we plan the production. First we set up the production chamber with the right equipment and peripherals - which, by the way, is why we are able to offer so many different products. Then, after line release, the filling starts. Depending on the order, the bags are then assembled - for example glued onto a flyer or arranged in a tray - palletised and dispatched to or picked up by the client.

Is your project already well advanced? We will create a service package that meets your needs.

Benefit from a solid network

Our partners match our quality standards. Thanks to our total volume, you also benefit from good terms and short delivery times, especially on films.

Innovation is more than just a word for us

Over the years, we have risen to many challenges and, in so doing, expanded our portfolio. Today, we can offer you a wide range of flexible packaging – and much more. Our production lines handle cardboard boxes, cans, powder dispensers and bottles with spray or screw caps too.

Due to continuous investments and in-house developments, our company is one of the most modern, innovative and efficient in the field of individual packaging.

Thanks to our streamlined structure, concentrated ownership and a strong financing capacity, we can quickly invest in new assets. We currently have more than 80 facilities available.