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Not all films are equal!

Film is a fascinating subject. Who would believe that it involves so much expertise and technology?

As well as wrapping contents, facilitating the opening of a bag and raising brand recognition, film fulfils another role – in fact, its most important primary role: protection! Indeed, film protects against migration between external and internal elements such as light, water, micro-organisms, oxygen, flavours and chemicals. It goes without saying that baby food packaging needs to meet very different requirements than a detergent. That's why Proderma offers several types of composite films and keeps up-to-date with the latest innovations to pack your product safely. We are happy to help.

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Important to know: how does your product go on sale?

If your bags are samples affixed to an advertising card or inserted in a newspaper, then even this has an impact on the choice of film.

During preparation, we can group several bags in a shrink wrap or in a vacuum bag or machine them into a larger "Family pack".

To define the right processes, it is important to discuss your whole project from the start.