Third partie in packaging for many industries

Key figures

Proderma in key figures

Proderma produces around 300 million units a year on 80 production lines.

The filling machines are, according to needs, coupled to different dosing systems such as screw feeders, multi-head weighers or pumps, so that we can meet your every need. Everything is located in three halls (a production area of approximately 6,700 m² ), partly in air-conditioned rooms (temperature and humidity). In some rooms even under- and overpressure are regulated.

The storage area is 3,200 m², with a large number of sliding shelves up to four levels. Two chambers are available for the storage of products between 2°C and 8°C or between 15°C and 25°C. The export share is 36%, mainly to neighbouring countries. Half of our customers come from the food industry, with cosmetics representing a quarter of the business, the rest being between the chemical-technical and pharmaceutical industries.

In addition, we employ 180 people, about one-third of them in part-time jobs - our contribution to the balance between work and family life.