In 2015, a huge challenge was a major distributor's request to fill washing powder directly into small cardboard boxes and close them tightly

Proderma invested in order to meet the order and, after a few versions and box tests, the manufacturing procedure was perfected. At the same time, Proderma celebrated its 50th anniversary with its partners, local industries and, of course, its most important asset: its employees. Proderma presented itself as a jubilee society full of vitality with many more projects and ideas to realise. The leadership team has a clear vision of the future of Proderma; safety, reliability, expertise and flexibility remain the key pillars of the company. The convenience market with its single-wrapped finished products is well established but still growing with new product categories. From ready-to-eat dishes made up of multiple items to be combined and from facial masks to aqueous solutions for single-use chemical tests, the variety of potential future applications is too broad to list. Proderma wants to further expand its core skills in flexible packaging and remains open to new investments. The company has large land reserves and new construction is being planned. Proderma has all the necessary conditions to write - together with its customers - an exciting new chapter.