Coincidentally, Hilge Pumpen AG, which was located in Schötz next to Proderma, had to close its doors

Proderma bought this neighbouring property with 20,000 m² of land including 5,500 m² of buildings, which was called "Plant 4". Of course, this plant also received the GMP certification. Also during this period many new products came on line: tinplate cans could be filled and crimped, double-chamber bags could be filled and packed with powder and liquid and tubular bags appeared in the packaging range. On behalf of a third party about 10 varieties of flavour were formulated and produced then placed on aromatic sticks which were individually packed. Standard products developed by Proderma could now be ordered via the web store. Customer requirements also grew. In 2014, two temperature-controlled storage rooms - one for warmth, the other for cold - were built and qualified.