New types of machines appeared on the market and Proderma was thus able to offer filling in pyramidal bags, doypacks (bags with resealable spouts), side-closure stick packs and oshibori (rolled up refreshing towelettes of high quality).

An important step was the organic certification as well as the ISO 9001 (2000) and ISO 13485 (2007) certifications. In 2007, Proderma was also registered for the production of animal food. In the following year, "plant 3" was successfully GMP-audited and received the approval to fill medicines in plastic bottles. In 2009, a competitor, Swiss Copack AG, had to file for bankruptcy. Proderma took over six employees, some equipment and part of the stock. Over the weekend, the transfer was organised so that production could continue to run on the following Monday for orders in progress. A memorable moment that employees present at the time still remember today! Ever since, the ex-Swiss Copack workers commute daily from Horgen to Schötz. This testifies to the good working atmosphere at Proderma!