Growth continued and at the beginning of the new millennium around 65 people were already working at Proderma.

In 2000 "plant 1" was extended to include an additional production area and a warehouse was built. In addition, two rooms for the packaging of medical products were installed in the production hall.

Meanwhile production had been switched to a two-shift operation. The latest innovation concerned stick packs, some of them in jumbo format, that could be filled with powder or liquid. Pius Niederberger and his team realised the potential of stick packs. Other machines were purchased or converted. In the preparation area, a gluing unit and a cartoner were purchased, which are used to this day to enable individual bags to be packed automatically in small boxes.

And so it came, as it had to: the premises were too small again. There was no room for offices, especially for project managers who had the ever more important task of looking after customers. In 2002, the former Schötz civil protection building was acquired (15,000 m² of land with a larger administration building). Unfortunately, during the year 2002, Pius Niederberger became seriously ill. He lost the fight against cancer on 05.04.2003. During this difficult period, Luzia Niederberger became more and more involved in the company. She took over the Human Resources and also accompanied the conversion and the move into the former civil protection facility. This new “plant 2” was successfully GMP audited by Swissmedic. In 2004, the construction of the new warehouse and assembly hall ("plant 3") was carried out near "plant 1".