Proderma developed a special wipe for cleaning computer screens and a refreshing alcohol-free towelette with aloe vera.

These products were sent for sampling to potential customers - many did not respond. Pius Niederberger was not discouraged went on to celebrate a great success when he convinced Swissair of the quality and reliability of Proderma. From 1996 onwards, Proderma was awarded the contract to deliver refreshing wipes for the airline and its affiliates - really flying high! This laid the foundation for rapid growth. As the premises in Malters became too small for the booming business, Pius Niederberger went in search of a suitable new site and found what he was looking for in Schötz. He bought the land as well as the buildings of Ritex AG (men's clothing manufacturer). In the new Proderma “plant 1”, the premises were remodelled to adapt to the company’s needs. "Plant 1" passed the Pharma GMP certification and Proderma was allowed to mix and package a new hydrogel for wound care. Innovation came through contoured bags (cut to the shape specified by the customer). With the expansion and conversion of machines, the packaging range was extended and new customers, especially abroad, won. In 1999, exports accounted for about 70% of total sales. The number of employees had now grown to six.