Meanwhile, Pius Niederberger, a young and enterprising cheesemaker, was taking his Master's and pondering on how he wanted to shape his career.

He learned of Proderma's situation from his girlfriend Luzia Müller's brother and decided, together with Hansjörg Müller, to take over this interesting venture. It soon became clear to him that the future was not just about refreshing towelettes. He had Proderma audited for the GMP Pharma certificate and at the same time renamed the company Proderma Betriebs AG. The beginnings were labour intensive. Fortunately, Pius Niederberger was able to count on the help of the existing production manager and his successor, Toni Scheuber, as well as on the cooperation of his father. When necessary, Pius operated the machines himself and acquired a great deal of knowledge.

Often, he and Luzia browsed pharmacies and department stores to get inspiration for new products and markets. Pius was in his element when it came to acquiring new customers. With a healthy dose of perseverance and tenacity, he worked his way up to the decision-makers at large corporations, was able to present his products and ideas, and most of the time won contracts. The three-person team was no longer able to handle the work alone and resorted to homeworkers and a workshop for the disabled to package the filled sachets in boxes.